Basketball training has grown rapidly in the last 10 years. The BTA movement is about developing pathways for success for trainers who are interested in taking on the responsibility of improving the game of basketball by raising the standards of play through improved skill sets.

To that end, the BTA is in the process of assembling some of the most recognized and successful trainers in the world to develop a global system of training based on years of their proven success. Our goal is simple- support individuals who live the game and are striving to have careers as skill trainers while ensuring the game is taught and played the right way.

The BTA aims to improve the quality of trainers world-wide by bringing the best minds together consistently. The Association is designed to offer support for coaches and trainers on several levels:

1. Consistent Education: Over the course of the next year, the BTA will present Trainer Conferences designed to educate Skills Coaches and also unite them. Each conference will offer the following opportunities:

  • Dynamic on-court presentations by the world’s leading trainers and basketball experts
  • Small group trainings and networking opportunities
  • Business Development courses – learn how to grow your individual businesses by attending workshops by Sports Business Leaders

2. Curriculum Development: The BTA united approach of combining resources will result in an inordinate amount of ongoing education, access to an endless library of drills, and provide guidance and best practices with regards to becoming a successful Basketball Trainer.

3. Creating a Basketball Pathway to Success: The network of leaders connected with the BTA is already significant and covers all levels of play for both the men’s game and the women’s game. Our upcoming networking platform will not only post available jobs, but opportunities around the country with regards to developing and growing individual business opportunities.